Well for starters I'll get the basics down.
I want:
- 2 humbuckers
- normalish neck (not super fast, i like something to hold onto)
- tuning stability (absolute must)
- classic looks (tele deluxe, les paul, strat, jazzmaster, SG, flying v etc.)
- fixed bridge or tune-o-matic
- rosewood is preferable but hey, maple might work
I play a wide variety of music, but what I would want this guitar to cover would be (early) Green Day, the Living End, Wolfmother, (early) Metallica, Nirvana, the Offspring etc. Just a nice fat humbucker sound that has a bit of growl. You know, pickups like a lion that can purr, growl and snarl .
My budget is basically under the $2000 mark (Australian), but it can be adjusted. I have a job and it's really how long I can be bothered saving, but I wouldn't want a guitar worth much more than that really.

So, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Cort M520 or M600. I have it, and it has a quite Les Paul-ish tone and feel. Nice definition and a good chunk of output on the pups. The M600 is basically the same as the M520, but with a flamed maple top that looks marvellous. If you're getting it, I'd advise you to hurry, before the 2007 headstocks hit the stores (they're not ugly, but the pre-'07 ones are way prettier)