I'm currently working on memorizing every major and minor scale, which can be somewhat difficult. Instead of memorizing every position of every key of the major and minor scale, can I just memorize the major scales and memorize what the relative minor of that scale is? Because that would save a lot of time.
whatever works for you
you can't really "cheat" in learning something
unless you aren't really learning it.
yea thats true..
its not like your doin school work or something..
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yeah thats not cheating, i would recommend learning the intervals in the major/minor set and learning them all over the E and A strings, you will pretty much cover every possible position that way. i do recommend learning where all the notes on the fretboard are. when i think cheating i think of things like using distortion to cover up a horrible technique.
i do that a lot, when goin through my theory book, and its like, okay spell a Bb minor 7 chord, ill think, Bb...C...Db...Db major, 5 flats
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Memorize the formula and the pattern. You're good to go.

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