does anyone know where i can find sound clips for the smoky coil pickups that come on the gibson les paul menace???? i heard that they were very hot and im looking to check them out because i want higher output pickups than my humbuckers right now....

and if there are no sound clips then does anyone know where i can find them sold separetely (without the guitar...) ????
Never seen then sold seperately, they come standard on all Menace models( SG,LP etc) and yeah ive also heard they are pretty badass.

You might be able to get Gibson to sell you some seperately, however i dont think they will. Just like the Black Magic pickups on the Voodoo series i dont think they can.

Good luck.
If you are looking to upgrade your pickups, there are far better brands to spend your money on than Gibson .

What guitar/amp do you have and what type of music do you play?

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