Ok I've been a Mayer fan for a while, especially since the Trio/Continuum reformation. So reading more and more about Mayer, I decided to also buy a SRV album, which was great. Here's the only problem: now I want an amazing strat I've always been a Les Paul/Gretsch guy. I've just preferred the sound of the humbuckers. Don't get me wrong, I love Fender amps, I own one, I think they're some of the best. I just hate when I start listening to new music and it makes me want new stuff...I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. I just need something that's different than what I have. I started with a Epi LP, then went to buy a new guitar. I wanted a Tele. I played everyone I saw in Houston, and just wasn't pleased. Then I picked up a Gretsch, fell in love, and bought a Tennessee Rose. I guess now my future guitar will be a Strat, prob with a rosewood fingerboard...just late night ramblings....
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Just don't be tempted to buy either of these guys signiture models. They aren't worth the extra money.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
the ej sig strat model however, is worth the money. basically comes stock with a bunch of things most people end up adding to strats aftermarket anyway.
I, too, am a heavily influenced fan of John Mayer and SRV...but with the exception that I started out with a Strat since the beginning.

I currently have a MIM HSS Strat right now running through a Hot Rod Deluxe, and I'm getting great Mayer/SRV-esque tones from it--nothing completely alike, but damn close. You would want to look forward to buying a MIA Stratocaster if you want a good foundation to build on.

I'll tell you right now that it's impossible to match Mayer's unbeliveable tone (especially in Continuum and Try!) because he plays custom amps from Two Rock.

Anyway, best of luck! I hope I helped guide you in the right direction!
and another thing, stick with Fender! I would NOT trust a Squier or anything else.
Check out some 80's MIJ Fenders. I have one and it's so good! Me and my dad compared it to an MIA '62 Reissue Strat and the MIJ was better.
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I'd recommend the 60's classic strat. Very good guitar, and it won't break the bank.