Everytime I see someone mention the legal drinking age for Canada on this site they always say nineteen, but in Manitoba it's eighteen. Does anyone know why some provinces go by different ages and why is it that in some places you can smoke at eighteen but can't drink till ninteen? It seems a little strange to me to have the drinking and smoking ages seperate.

Two years ago when I was in saskabush working a music festival selling smokes I had to stick to one of our booths that was in the worst spot possible and couldn't even be by the stage since I wasn't nineteen and couldn't legally be in there working. I pretty much got to stare at the back of some stands all weekend.

This thread is kind of stupid but I'm just wondering if there are other little annoying differences between the provinces that people have.
Damn. I though you were a silly American who just found out about being aloud to drink at 18 here.