...As a foriegn exchange student. I get to stay with a French family and have to speak French to them. It's a school trip so I will be speaking english too. Last year I got to go to Greece and there was porn everywhere, which was great. I am going for a week.
A week? When i went on exchange i went for 6 months.
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Masturbate. A lot. Seriously.

<----This is a man
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Take pics and post them when you get back.

I can't, i'm only taking one of those disposeable cameras, but I could take pics of the pics and post them.
im sorry.
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schecter4183 after that comment you are my hero, lol
you opened up a new world of insulting people for me
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You, sir, are sex.
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But how did you know it was virgin ass? Did you ask the ass?
Be prepared for:

1) Hair on women in places you're not accustomed to
2) Soft-core pornographic advertisements on daytime TV
3) Lots of nudity at the beach (mixed blessing)
4) The TGVs are fucking awesome
5) Eating dinner several hours later than usual, and
6) Drinking wine/champagne with every meal.

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The fact is, it's the internet. If there's a better reason for the internet besides porn, arguing and piracy, I haven't found it.

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Hey Led Zeppelin is my third favorite guitar player, after Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull.