I just got a Marshall DSL 201 and when i tried to put the tube in i accidently broke the end (not the end with the metal probes, the end that looks like a nipple) of one of my EL84 power tubes.

Firstly can I run it with only one power tube, not two.

Secondly can i use the broken tube (only the nipple on the end of the tube is broken so there is a tiny hole on top of the nipple but does the tube need to be sealed for it to work?) Also could i dab some superglue on the hole to patch it up or do i need a whole new tube???
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A tube is what.. 10 dollars? Dont risk possibly hurting your amp over somthing so cheap and easy to fix. That being said, I am not positive it will even harm the amp. Better safe then sorry.
The amp will run on one tube, although it won't be as loud and you'll loose alot of your clean headroom. Some people intentionally take out a tube to make it easier to overdrive the amp.

DON'T try using the broken tube in it though, it can damage the amp and also be a fire hazard. I would buy a matched pair of tubes when you can, it's not a good idea to use mismatched power tubes. Also, make sure you UNPLUG the amp when pulling the tubes if you don't want to electrocute yourself. I always wear gloves when dealing with them for extra safety (amps can hold a current even after they're unplugged) and because the oil on your fingers is bad for the tubes.

Don't even think about using superglue.
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Definitely learn to discharge your filter caps. You don't want to take 400v across the heart, do you?
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at least there isn't an insane amount of current though. the current is what will **** you up.

eg: car battery. 12v, 680 cranking amps. become part of the circuit and it will ****ing kill you
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If it does work, the push pull is going to go out of balance as it's only half of one pair, creating a lot of hum. I guess Matt has some experience with it, but I wouldn't try it personally. Normally, you take the tubes out in pairs from an A/B circuit. Also, don't try to use a busted tube. They are called "vacuum" tubes for a reason.
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if you broke through the tube, you likely broke the vacuum inside. so no, don't use a broken tube. it'd be like screwing in a cracked lightbulb. (if you're bored, try it sometime! i hear they burn the filaments instantaneously)