Hey Guys,

I am about 4 hours away from buying a PRS SE Singlecut with soapbars... the guitar is gorgeous, but I hate P90's. I need a beefy, high mid/treble humbucker, I play all rhythm in an anti-flag/millencolin styled punk band, the pickup has to fit in the P90 cavity.

I have whittled it down to:

Dimarzio P90 Super Distortion - which is apprently just a super distortion in a P90 package? So if you've played a super distortion humbucker and it sounds like what I want, tell me!

EMG P91 - I dont want to go active, and I found out that EMG do these passive versions of their pickups. Apprently this one is the same as a EMG H4 but in a smaller package? Any thoughts on these? They also do one similar to the H4A, but I thought this one would be better for what I want.

I need answers quick, as I am going to do a deal in about 4 hours!

Don't rule out the possibility of a Seymour Duncan SP90-2 or SP90-3. High output and versatility. I know I didn't really answer your question, but just thought I'd share.
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Yeah, I looked at those a couple of weeks ago, but I came to the conclusion that they were stacked humbuckers rather than side by side, and that they gave more of a phat vintage tone rather than a blistering distortion.

I've used a seymour duncan invader in my SG, so I'm kinda spoiled on the heavy distortion front I think! haha

Any ideas?