So i am pretty sure that i will buy one of the Valvetronix series amps by Vox. My only concern is with the differences of the levels of the valvetronix amp family. For instance i noticed that the 50 watt version has a celestion speaker while the other's (including the 100 watt version) have vox originals? Is the sound produced by the 50 watt version beter than the others? Also if i remember right the 30 watt and below can't be hooked up to oter cabinets if i want right, but the 50 and above can? Is that normally really popular to get a fuller sound? And i just wanted to know any other differences, pluses and minuses, compared to the other valvetronix series amps (that seems phrased a little awkwardly, but oh well). Thanks for any help in advance.
You're right, yeah. The 50watt does sound different. It has more of an 'electric' feel to it, whereas the 30 feels more natural.

The 30 doesn't have an output like that, which is a bit of bugger but you can always get one fitted if you needed it that bad.

I think the 30 is the best bet unless you have the money for the 50, because they're both brilliant amps and I love mine to bits.
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