There is a fluttering feedback that the program is automatically picking up from my computer. What can I do???
I should mention that I am trying to record on it with Reaper. But the flutter creates a lot of feedback and extra noise. Is there a filter that I can use to block it out?
Try a) facing your guitar away from the screen or b) turning the screen off while you're recording - I've got my amp and my PC on now and I can even hear the f£$%ing mouse wheel being used, mind you I am using a guitar with single coil pups which do pick up a lot more of that kind of interference.
^ Do you think the noise could be from the hard drive spinning or whatever it is that spins inside the computer?
I just spent 3 hours with my other guitarist trying to figure it out and NOTHIN!!! What we determined the problem is, is REAPER. Has anyone else had any problems with it like this? Or other 'free' programs?
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