im currently searching for a new bass.
i want to play blues jazz funk mainly, and a bit of metal and rock to.

and while its not as important i want a pretty bass

something bright yellow, or bright blue or bright green

every bass and guitar i see is either black or red. it gets old fast.

my budget is up to $1000 australian and im defiently considering buying used if i can find it.

so any suggestions guys?
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omg id marry the green one if the fretboard was also green. makes it look cheesy. and like an alien

thanks tho.

any other suggestions
Don't you know, I'm the end of what will be?
it's not for everyone but my buddy is painting a graffiti-style PBass ala Crash but without the R or Re or barb wire and with the colors changed, etc.


so i might have to do the paintjob myself?

im already planning to get a luthier or something to paint my guitar bright yellow.
that will probably cost a bit.

oh the dilemma

so theres like no craazy colour basses
Don't you know, I'm the end of what will be?
well wat u could do if ur stupid lyk me
is get an ordinary colour bass (for me, i got a really cheap Aus brand, ironically bc i live in aus)
then sand the colour off with sanding paper, make sure u take off everything, neck, pickups, strings, (obviously) if u aren't sure how to take them off then plz dont do it, otherwise i'll be blamed for anything that may have happened to ur bass

then get a can of spray paint, of the colour u want, for me, i chose hot pink and spray the body.

well that's my contribution it may not help u but just an idea

didn't even realise that someone else wrote basically the same thing lol
i'll show u a picture of my bass if u lyk though
i got a picture of it, but i do'nt kno how to put it on
wat do i do? i'm so noob to this technology called a computer
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Consider a Fender Jazz bass, which oyu would then paint up.
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To post a picture:

- Right click on the picture.
- Go to "Properties."
- Highlight the URL there, and copy it.
- In your post, click on the "Insert Image" button. (It's the yellow square with what appears to be a mountain in it."
- Paste the URL in there.
That's it.
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