ok before i got my comp reformatted , Utorrent downloaded at lik3 60Kb/s but now it downloads at 1.3... with like 300 seeders and leechers

so i thought i might have to open some ports or something...?? but i dont know how to do that exactly

any help? or could it be something else??
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i'm not sure how things work in utorrent but i use azureus (which i think is superior but thats anutha story) and basically you want to select a random 4-digit port number for downloading like 6897 or wateva and possibly do a NAT test with utorrent if thats possible?

also sometimes the windows firewall screws with torrent programs, in which case turn it off and risk getting viruses etc or get Norton antivirus and use their firewall like i do (which leaves torrent programs alone)
In the options of the torrent program there should be an option to change the port or at least "randomise" it. Try that first.
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