I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes. I'm curious as to whether there's a process involved in being sponsored by an instrument company. Does the organization, for example, Fender, Epiphone, Martin, etc., approach the artist, or is it the other way round?

I'm of course not aiming to apply to one of these large corporations, but how about a smaller, "indie" guitar maker? How would I go about being sponsored by them, what are the requirements, what should I send them and what are the rewards that are involved?
You are talking about endorsements, yes.
It is usually the instrument company which approaches the artist, mainly because:
A: They want to advertise a new product
B: They are a fairly new company, and need the publicity
C: The artist is already using one of their instruments, and by endorsing the artist, the artist will usually give the company more publicity by talking about their instrument.

I'm sure the are some other reasons to, but the usual deal is that the artists are approached by the company and not the other way around, AFAIK.

EDIT: Rewards are in most cases free use of some/any instrument(s), custom models, clothes etc. Examples of this is Dimebag and Kirk Hammett.

Dimebag had a number of guitars from Dean which he probably got free, because using these gave Dean massive publicity. Dimebag was also seen wearing either KranK or Dean shirts, caps and other clothes whenever he was on stage.

Kirk Hammett was actually one of the first guitarists to be approached by now renowned (sp?) company ESP.
Him, and James Hetfield, has ever since been doing massive publicity for ESP by simply using their gear, free of charge too, is my guess.
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Eep, "endorsement" is indeed the correct term. It slipped my mind for a moment, so "sponsorship" was the next best word.

What about a much smaller, less popular and lower quality company? Some of them advertise artists I've never even heard of and feature unprofessional images of poor resolution - think MySpace photos, but larger and sometimes even worse.

Thanks for the reply, though; it was quite helpful.
I think you can apply to a company. But you have to demonstrate that you will be able to advertise there product on a large scale. So you would need to be proving you do a lot of gigs and things and that you have a following etc. By the way, Im not an expert on this, Im just going on what I think would be a business move. If you were doing a gig every two weeks and then are hauled up in your room practicing for your next one. They probably wont sponsor you.
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