Hi. I've been bassing for around a year now and can manage stuff like Death and Rush now, I'm average at slapping, I have decent rhythm and enjoy playing in the pocket with my band, just keeping the groove going and I just learnt the basics of tapping. I have an average grasp of theory, I know my fretboard and understand most scales, though I haven't been really able to incorporate them into my playing.

A few things I can't do: complex slap, two handed tap and pick-style. Never really enjoyed playing with a pick anyway, but I was just looking maybe for some shreddy stuff. Btw what is sweep picking? I've heard it mentioned a few times.

What should I work on next/what are some tips to improve? Even some stories of how quickly you progressed or what stuff you guys enjoy playing...

Thanks people.
i play guitar and i mean, basically, it's not that different from bass in learning to improvise, i've been playing nearly two years and if i think about what i'm doing i can contribute something that's good and also improvised to a song, just by using blues scales.

it's pretty easy for guitarists since there's backing tracks everywhere, i'm not sure of any sites with bass backing tracks.

i'd say, don't worry too much about all those advanced techniques and stuff, just learn on keeping it good and simple and supporting the song.
OK, first off you have to remember that there is no level you should be at after a certain time. Everyone learns at different speeds, everyone practices differently and for more or less time.

If you've only been playing a year, unless you've been playing for four hours a day you probably have a long way to go with all the techniques you mention.

I'm not sure what you wanna know, you say you can play well, you can slap and do basic tapping, have good rhythm. Just keep doing what you're doing now and you will get even better at the stuff you can do.

The only way to incorporate your scales into your playing is to play. It really makes no difference if you can play a Rush song - can you write a Rush song is the question? So sim not to play the songs of others, but to learn to create a groove yourself. Find some common chord progression and play them through trying to get a groove. Get some drum loops and just jam for as long as you can
Thanks both of you. Yeah that's very true about being able to play Rush but not write Rush...thanks for the advice.
and of course, do a search for "technique of the month" in the bass forum and have a look at the one on slapping, should help a little bit...
well i say learn to read music and music theory and it will help you write and understand music better

but as far as to help improve your skill and technique all around i say start learning some jazz and learn to improv. cuz jazz will help you learn to keep time, move around the neck more, learn scales and modes, learn to use all your fingers on your fretting hand (which is a problem with way too many bassists), and it just gives you some new cool stuff to work with.

start with some easy count basie walking basslines n stuff like that and then move up to some tougher swing stuff and then if ur up for the challenge some crazy bebop and charles mingus type stuff
well all i can recomend is theory i was a mediocre bassist untill i decided to learn some theory and now i'm in the upper echilons of talent among people i know. yes i am bragging that's what dedication and theory can do, they make you really good
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