So is it unusual to hear a pop when changing channels (and also rough/smooth mode on my amp (ENGL Savage)? It's happened for as long as i have had the amp but it doesn't always happen, usually only when i switch between rough smooth modes.
Just wondered if valve amps are expected to make this kind of noise?
You can't switch the channels on my valve amp, but it does pop when you switch the sensitivity switch (so I usually put it on standby to do this) and it pops when you turn it off standby too. Shouldn't think it's anything to worry about.
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I think you don't have to worry much about it. My amp (marshall valvestate 8080) also pops when i turn it on... It's just the powerstream that makes your amp pop when you change something... maybe clean the amp, if your REALLY worried about it :P
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Pop sounds from amps are normally just capacitors unloading, if this is what is happening with your amp than it is completely harmless.
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Are you using the original footswitch? My amp popped when I used a standard replacement single button switch, but stopped when I got the right one.
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