am i using the right term? i want to lower the string height so i get a 'clackier' tone, as well as being easier to play (bass didn't come set up completely right, a few people have commented on the action being too high). do i just have to adjust my bridge for that? or do i need to do the truss rod as well?
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No usually the bridge will be fine unless your neck is really bowed. (sight down the neck if there s more than a slight bow you should... loosen the tension I think but do NOT trust me on that.) Usually if your neck is too bowed your bridge won't be able to bring you strings down enough in the upper frets. But for the most part it should just be a simple bridge adjustment.
if it's your only Bass, Nif, be careful. You can eyeball it, but lutheirs use special tools for even lowering the bridge. I'd hate for you to make it worse man... basically, read up as much as you can if you plan on doing it yourself.

I need to do mine and i am gonna just take it in to my man, he can do it, and i can watch him another few times before attempting it on an £1100 bass
Are bridge adjustments not fairly undo-able? I know truss rod adjustments can screw around a lot that's why I said don't trust me but I've changed the action on my strings several times and I haven't seen anything wrong so far. *Goes to pick up bass, neck falls off.*
yeah they are undo-able, and of course you can always put it back. but you need to know what to adjust: truss rod, nut or bridge, or all three? or just two? beginners to bass maintenence should try it on a crappy bass, not their main one ! i've been tinkering with my old Washburn to get used to it. it's easy to do, not easy to do well and consistently without a bit of practice.

My point about the bridge is that without proper tools, you are just eyeballing the curve needed, and some people cant judge it right. So you may not end up with the same curve as you had before you started tinkering and can make it worse than before, even unplayable!.

And remember for truss rod adjustments ALWAYS mark your start point so you know where you started and how much you have turned..

May the force be with you.
ooh, alright. and yes, it is my only bass. there's no local shop round here that can do that (small town), so next time i head up north i'll get it to one. thanks, you two. you always seem to be the most consistent helpers round here.
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Speaking from experience, if you haven't messed with a bridge before, take it to someone who knows. I tried on my old bass (when it was my ONLY bass) and when I ate crow and took it to the local luthier, first thing out of his mouth was--gee, tried to fix it yourself, eh?

He then very nicely showed me how to do it correctly.