theres no such thing as a cheap Gibson. A Gibson is always better than an Epiphone.
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high end epi les paul custom is sweet. low end faded gibson series is junk
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ive played custom shops to epis and i can say that theres not much difference if you were someone who didnt play guitar but as the dollars go up the guitars do get better eiphones are great if ur starting out but custom shops reeisues are easily the best i have a standard paul and i regret buying it cos the 58 reeissue isnt much more money and is easily alot better but in the end its always wat u play if jack white can make a hollow fiberglass guitar that was thought to be junk for 40 years sound good then u can get away with just using a low end epi truth be told depending on what your playing ur audience wont probaly notice if it is and epi or a gibson so long as uve got a good amp and ur good with ur guitar work, effects and eq'ing
Epi Custom and use the leftover money to change the pickups. The only bad thing about Epiphones is the stock pickups. I'd say an Epi custom is better than a Gibson studio even. And it's like.. 1/3 of the price..

Supposedly the Epi custom plain top is closer in tone to a real gibson since it is solid mahogany and not an Alder top.

I say High end Epi with a pickup change.
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theres no such thing as a cheap Gibson. A Gibson is always better than an Epiphone.

there is no such thing as a cheap gibson- TRUE gibsons are extremly overpriced
the most expensive component on a gibson guitar is the name on the headstock
for the most "bang for your buck" go to carvin guitars
i have their catalog in front of me right now and for a les paul style guitar they have the string thru body/ tune-o-matic w/ neck thru and 2 classic sounding C22 humbuckers and sperzel locking tuners
this guitar (which you can then further customize however u want) is $879
A Gibson is always better than an Epiphone- FALSE
high end epiphones are indeed better quality then say a faded or studio gibson
ok sorry bout a double post but whenever i try editing my computer freezes on me
i did a bit of shopping for you and i customized this Carvin guitar for you

SC90M - SC90 with M bridge $ 779.00
402 - Pickups $ 5.00 (thats for the bezels these arn't $5 pups)
6100 - jumbo frets $ 15.00
AB - abalone inlays $ 80.00
RWF - Rosewood fingerboard $ 0.00
CTH - Carved Top Headstock $ 20.00
FPH - Flamed Maple Headstock $ 25.00
MAH - maple neck and mahogany body $ 50.00
NMAH - mahogany with gloss $ 100.00
TMM - maple neck and mahogany body $ 40.00
FSS - instrument color $ 120.00 (umber stain on a sunsetburst AAAA flame maple top )
Subtotal $ 1234.00
Shipping $ 19.98
Total $ 1253.98
this guitar is BEAUTIFUL
and its cheaper then a gibson les paul studio (1269.00 at zzounds)
plus the carvin quality is better tehn a high end gibson
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That is an expensive guitar....

For what you get
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how come some people were talkin about epiphone les paul custom? i thought epiphone les paul standard was basically the same except the looks. please tell me the differences
I have a Epi Les Paul Standard Plustop.. trans amber burst, as far as paint, its beautiful, I dont have too much knowledge of what sounds good but im planning on getting burstbuckers like page had for it sometime.. sometime when I have 200$..
idk. it's really a toss up. I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio for 1300$ which isn't exactly "cheap" compared to most epiphones, but I also have an Epiphone '59 (re-issue) SG for 300$ which sounds better then alot of Gibson '59 Sg's I hear. So if you are going to buy an epi, just make sure you take the time to play it, hear it, and observe the qualtiy of it.