Are they the same quality, both stay in tune and stuff?

Cus I want a rg1527, its 999.99 at long and mcquade and the rg1570 is 960.99

I've read alot and heard alot of good things about the 1570's edge pro which is the same from the jem, js, etc, but what about the edge pro 7?
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this is gonna be my 2nd guitar, do u recommend me gettin the 6 or 7 string model?
I want both just as much.
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US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15

what would you play mostly?

things with an octave lower or on standard?
(but personaly though I'd go for the 1570 because I can get that 7 string sound
esque on my RG560 by barring my finger on the E and A strings...)
i play alot of vai, satriani, i want to start playing tons of dream theater, unearth.
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US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15
Up to you, i suggest you try it 1st. 7-stringers do look cool at 1st but once you get it in your hand, you "may" not like it.
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If you like having the lowend for chunky metal riffin then definately go 1527. It just widens your options sonically - if you like progressive music then maybe that's for you, especially allowing you to play Dream Theater. I know that I will never go back to 6s - why limit yourself when you can play 6 string stuff on a 7 but not vice versa? Obviously you've got to stop somewhere with number of strings and the Low Bb is as low as I want.
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Yeah dude, get the 7, everything Daggorath said is true, you'll love the extra string. I love my RG-7321, i'll never go back, haha.
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which paint job do you think is better, the mirage blue on the 1570 or the royal blue on the 1527
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US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15
Make sure you try out the 7 string before you buy. I LOVE how they look, but I feel really uncomfortable playing them.
^ what about the paint job
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US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15