Howdy UG.

I've been playing 2 and a quarter years round about. Now for a lot of the stuff I want to learn (All That Remains) etcetera, there are usually tremolo picking parts that go way too fast for me to even comprehend. I have an average / below average tremolo picking speed at the moment I feel, and would like to get faster.

I use .9s and .60 guage picks. Is there anything wrong with this / another combination that would help me?

Any advice appreciated.
No... i don't think strings really matter, what matters is how you start off.... Its hard to learn something when you go really fast the first time so just go about 80-90 BPM and then speed up also try alternating from stings.
I would suggest a bit thicker pics and also you might try other materials of your pics. some materials feels easier, doing less friction to the strings kinda thing
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you have to work on your picking technique. your lack of speed has nothing to do with your string gauge
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A thicker pick would help, maybe 1 or 1.14. and u would need to work on your technique as well
+1 for plectrum thickness, I personally 1.50mm on electrics...


+1 for techniques too, if you're having tension in your hand then relax a bit and see
if you can do it more, and also your picking pattern...

do you use your whole arm to tremolo pick?
because if so that maybe your problem, if you're using your whole arm then
try tremolo picking with your wrist only and see if it also helps any...

get 1.5's for your picks, or 2 if you really want something thick, then just do excersizes, and play slow tremelo picking songs, and then play faster ones until you get to the sped you want

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Put your palm on top of the bridge (I have a Strat so imagine its bridge ).

Hold your pick very striff between your thumb and your index. The key here for me is holding it... Ok... Not with the normal part of your index finger but with the side. So you kind of fold the finger as if you're making a fist, put your pick on top of the rolled index (on its side), and put your thumb on top of the pick.

The point is that the pick has to be very stiff and the attack should be straight. That way you can play it as fast as needed.

Hope it makes sense. English is not my first language, sadly (although I probably can't explain it in my native language as well).

That really really helped me with my tremolo picking, and a thicker pick too.
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Try getting rid of your pick all together. Cover your top 3 strings with your thumb and 3rd string index finger, 2nd string middle finger, and 1st string with your ring finger (throw your pinky in if you like). I do this exercise for at least 30 minutes a night. 6th string open, then 1st open, 3rd string open then 1st open again, 2nd string open then 1st open. Do that a few times then switch to 5th open 1st open, 3rd (second fret) 1st open, 2nd (first fret) 1st open, 3rd (second fret) 1st open (you get the idea). After a while you'll get into a rolling rythem then start changing chords as you see fit. May want to grow your finger nails a bit I can use finger picks, but I can't get the speed and accuracy that I get with my nails. After 3 weeks of practicing that technique I can pick faster then some friends that have been playing for years. Now I need to get my left hand to keep up with my right. It's all about practice!
Tremelo Picking is a classical technique in which you hit three strings the motion of Index, Middle, Index in a three note pattern such as


In modern day playing it is like