I would like your input on this,

I don't really need a new bass but my local shop carries two fenders wich I fell in love with.

I allready have an Italia Mondial, Ibanez GSR200 and Tacoma Thunderchief.

The basses they have are both quite unique, both are American made.
One is a Fender Precision Fretless 3 colour sunburst with flats on it (fender only makes Jazz fretless, but this one was a special custom made by fender, so it isn't defretted)

and the other one is a Precision natural Ash.

Both cost 1444 euro ( $1793,16 , £927,05)

Do you guys think they are worth the money and wich one of the two would you go for?

If I want I can get the money somewhere in april/may.
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Personally, I love the sound of a fretless and it's something you don't own yet. Throw some more variety in your gear, especially if you like the two basses equally.
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PM if interested!

They're not custom btw. they sell them everywhere
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what the hell does GAS mean, and i love that fretless precision..........i just could never find one so i settled for the fender fretless jazz i found. but i love precisions
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I think I'll go for the fretless. I'll make pictures the next time I'm in there so you guys can see the objects of my desire.
I'm a regular customer in the shop so I think I can get some money off. I spent about 3000 euro's in less than 2 years there, so they'll probably give me a good deal.
'Have you felt the trembling in your stomach, the bass that leads us there'
yeah, defintely the Fretless P. Mmmm, sounds like a fine bass.

And i do love your Mondial, i shall get one of those one day