I've got a Boss DS-2 pedal, which I like a lot. I was wanting to get at least one more pedal so that I could have different levels of distortion (including "light" distortion, which the DS-2 doesn't seem capable of). I was thinking about an Ibanez TS-9 but saw that for $59 more, I could get the Boss OD-20 which has 22 different distortion models. from the looks and description of it, looks to be a cool pedal. anybody have one? opinions? worth $159?
I've owned the OD-20, and it was kind of craptastic IMO. I'm one of the few that even likes some modelors, but that unit just didn't sound great to me. Definitely not worth the "new" asking price IMO. I only really liked a couple of the models, and the actual pedals sound better to me anyway. Definitely check it out though, $159 was a lot less than I paid, and we may have different taste. I thought the real TS9 sounded a lot better than the OD20 TS9 model however, and I've owned both.
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