Hey I'm still new to the guitar (currently own a jasmine acoustic) I've been taking a lessons for the last few months and am happy to say my instructor and I have found out that thanks ot my heritage I am naturally very good at flaminco style, but I really wanna learn to play jack johnsons music (the whole reason I chose to learn with an acoustic.) But Even though I have the tabs for sitting, waiting, wishing by him I can't seem to play it. It just never comes out right. Any help would be great! Does he play a certain way and I just don't notice? Any help would be great. As well as any suggestions for some easy beginner songs from any other artists that I could learn and practice to get better. Practice I don't lack I try to have my guitar in my hands for atleast 3 hours a day and love to practice I just think I need more material to practice and expand my library of knowledge but most tabs I find are to advanced to learn with.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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I'm not sure about Jack Johnson but if you have a gift for flamenco id run with that, i'd love to be able to play flamenco but it's extremely tricky.
I've been playing for about four years now and have started to learn classical guitar this month some nice easy songs i'd recomend are Romance/Romanza by Anonymous. Spanish Study by Frederick Noade. This one's quite tricky and am working on it now J.S. Bach - Presto from Sonata 1 for Solo Violin.

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