i'm talkin about recent porn stars, not like jenna(although what a beautiful blonde).

mine is ava angelina. what a sexy lady she is. and missy monroe.
whats porn?
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Jessica Drake.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
Sunrise Adams before the boob job.
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People don't like Dave Mustaine because he created something that owned Metallica in just about every single aspect of thrash metal.

it's true
im glad someone made a thread about porn stars. im not even joking when i say i was running out of women to watch off of limewire. now i got a few more to add to the list. Sweet. Anyhoo, i like Tila Tequila, Brooke Burke, Vanessa Blue, Raven Riley, and about a thousand others. And if you guys wanna see something cool but not entirely porn-related, goto bassmasta.com i accidentally went there meaning to go to bassmasta.net and my jaw dropped. its pretty cool.
Alisha Klaus, Havana Ginger.
Best Ever: Vanessa Del Rio, Samatha Fox, Desiree,