do you consider a band filming a music video and putting it on mtv or vh1 sell outs?
or do you looke at it in a way that the music video will expand their audience and make more people know and love them?

make your opinion, but please do not diss and thrash other bands who do those videos and do not give egsamples from other bands.

thanks! and............GO!
the odd video is fine, but doing 3 or 4 videos per album is selling out.
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i hate the whole idea of "selling out" as people call it. I mean...let a band do what they want and if you're a fan of theirs, then suck it. But that's just my opinion....
Do you mean specifically MTV or VH1, or any music channel?
In any case I have no problem with that, isn't the purpose or music videos to be put on music channels
Quote by Big Mac n Fries
Do you mean specifically MTV or VH1, or any music channel?
In any case I have no problem with that, isn't the purpose or music videos to be put on music channels

not just mtv or vh1. any music channel.
The phrase "selling out" is officially the most stupid term ever.
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How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

Well, its a promotional tool. where the problem?
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i dont think that is selling out.

i mean, most people who are in a band dream of making the big time.

they only are selling out if the completely change their image and style just to get more fans and make more money, and leave their old fans behind.
A lot of metal bands just use live performances as their videos. A good example is Machine Head - The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears. Kick ass video as well!
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i dont know, some vidoes are really cool.


i dont think they sold out, but they've realesed like 2 vids per album, i think lateralus had like 3 but bands like green day that really have no concept for the video and just put it out there so more people will see them and go "hey! i wanna be punk too00oo"....i dun know, stuff like that just isnt right or metallica with the st. anger fiasco, ya no?
To the OP: Define selling out.

"Selling Out" is what stupid people who limit their musical taste to stereotypes say when a band they like or respected changes their style to something they are unfamiliar with.

People fear change. Stupid, shallow people fear change.
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No, like 80% of signed bands have a least one video.

The other 20% are missing out. What better way to market your band?
If you think that a band is a sellout from the number of videos and the amount of money they make, then put music down and go try drugs, or something else that might make you more popular, since clearly you only do whats "unpopular" to be popular. Liking a band until they make one too many videos is ignorance on the "fan"s part. A band isnt a sellout unless they change their sound against their will, just to comply with their label, or make more money, or get into the radio, or something. If they are making money, and videos, then GOOD FOR THEM, be glad that they are bringing your favorite music to the masses, instead of being some ignorant prick locked up in your room trying to find the next thing that will be cool to hate.
I think selling out is a incredibly stupid term. As an artist you promote your music, you sell it. So, the moment you step in a studio to record (unless you are giving free CDs) your CD you are already a sellout. IMO
Surely the fans enjoy seeing their idols on the TV? And its the best way to sell records and widen your fanbase to new listeners. People see you on Scuzz and say, "Hey I liked that, I'm going to buy their album."

So its advertising for the band and enjoyment for the listeners... everyone wins.
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