I liked the lead parts, the first one after the harmonics reminded me of children of bodom. Some of the rhythm work seemed a little generic to me, but with vocals over the top this would easily be rectified. I liked the ending too, nicely different from the rest of the song. The drum work is good too, drives the song forward well. I know theres kind of a little lead in part C but maybe a solo would benefit the song too.

7/10, 8 or 9 with a good solo.

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You've got some really great riffs in there.
I especially loved bars 13-20, they were excellent.
21-28: Great riff, but i would make the drums keep the beat instead of pausing when the guitar does, to make it flow better, other than that, it was great.
You're lead parts in A were great aswell, they fit in well.
part B: excellent again, but on the last bar i wouldn't lead into part A again with repeated snares, i'd mix it up a little.
Part C: Great leads again, but for the first few bars i was like WTF? i really didn't know whats happening, i'd suggest making the lead guitar do something there, even something very simple would work nicely.
Part D: IMO, overuse of that 16th,16th,16th, rest rhythm that you used throughout this, just mix it up a little, keep people on their toes, y'know?
Part E: Didn't really like this, but that is just my opinion. There were some clashing notes when you're lead guitar came in, but is that what you were going for?

Overall, excellent, just a few minor adjustments to fix.

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