I have a Peavey XXX, and I like the tone I can get out of the crunch channel a lot more than the one I can get out of the ultra channel. Its a lot more full-bodied and warm. The only problem is, there is just not enough gain on it for hi-gain metal. Would an overdrive pedal of some kind help me with this? Also, would my tone change a ton because I have the pedal on in front of it, or will it mainly keep the characteristics of the amps tone? Thanks.
yeah, it's getting more common to use them like that, they can add a little bite and tightness if you set the gain low and level high. The more gain, the more color they will add, but it should still keep most of the characterisitcs of your amp. As long as you get a good pedal, they can be pretty transparent, and you might like the flavor it adds.
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Alright, thanks guys. Any recommendations? Im thinking maybe the Ibanez TS9, or maybe the Boss SD-1. Would those add enough gain for metally stuff? Also, would it be better to turn my amps gain down, and have the ODs gain up, or to dime my amps gain, and just add a little bit with the overdrive?

Or would something like this be better? Does it give you gain as in overdrive/distorted sound, or gain as in volume?
It boosts the signal of your guitar, which will drive the preamp a bit more. Good for pushing your tone over the edge, sorta thing.
keeley modded TS9DX or keeley modded SD-1. the TS9DX is true bypass and many tone options. havent used my ts808 or ts9 since i got those.
Yes an overdrive will add some of its own flavour to your amp. IF you want transparent then you'd be better off looking for a clean boost.
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