Hello to all, This is my first post here. Im currently in Iraq, and coming home in April. Im looking to buy a whole new setup for my gear, and have a few items selected, But havent used any of them. So Id like to get some reviews, or advice on what ive chosen, Since as of right now I cant test anything out. Keep in mind, I have a ESP LTD Horizon, and a Fender Strat, I run it all through a Boss GT6 effects processor and a crate combo amp as of right now. I am a fan of metal, rock, classic rock, blues, some clean stuff, basically any good guitar music. So heres what I got

For a new guitar, Im debating between a Jackson SLSMG Soloist and a ESP LTD MH-400T. They both look really nice, Ive been partial to the Jackson so far, It seems like it has a real fast neck, with there compound radious fretboard. Both come with EMG pickups, which I love, but am wondering how the guitars will sound clean. I want to make sure I get something well rounded, even though i do have the Strat.

Amp, im looking at the Line 6 Spider !!! 150. Ive used Line 6 a little bit, and it seems like this model does a ton.

I still plan on keeping my boss effects.

Ive never really recorded before, But Im looking to get the Boss BR-600 Digital recorder. It seems to be what I would need to play around with, maybe get some songs recorded.

So thats what im looking at, any suggestions or reviews would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
First off, thanks for serving our country we truely miss all of you guys. As for the guitars, although the LTD is nice, i'd go with the Jackson. The soloist is one of my favorite guitars. and EMG 81/85 combo isnt the greatest for cleans, but i dont think the 85 is all that bad. I have an 81/60 set and the 60 is the most clean active pickup you can get, so if you really feel you want a cleaner sound, you can always find one on eBay or something. 81 however is the strongest of the EMGs and will not be too good for cleans. I call its my "searing lead" pickup. As for the Line 6 III, i'm actually a fan of the amp but everyone else on this site will bitch at you about it. If you do decide to get it, you will not need your effects processor at all. I'd try and find a nice 2x10 or 2x12 combo tube thats good on cleans if i were you. then you can run your effects through it and a distortion or something. As for the recorder ive never tried one so i cant help. sorry.

anyhow thats all i got. anyone else?