ive seen a few threads about squiers recently and it reminded me i have a squier bullet strat in my room, anyone know how i should improve this guitar by changing pickups ect and is it worth it? could i actually make it sound alright for heavy metal? lol
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Id buy a new guitar. Bullets are pretty much the cream of the crap, so I wouldnt waste my time when youd pretty much have to buy a new guitar for it to sound any good.
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haha cream of the crap... haha thats a good one. But yeah dude dont waste your time modding the most pathetic thing to ever be called a guitar. check the sig.
yeh i have a new guitar but i was just wondering if it would be good to improve that one too. lol
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The bullet is made of plywood. Yea...
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you can use it like your first mod project, and focus in the look, because it's really hard to get an excellent tone with a squier strat (hard but not impossible)
If the body is plywood then don't bother. If the body is real wood then the guitar has the potential to sound great. Most squire bullets are plywood.
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if its made in china, then it's most likely isnt plywood (like mine).

if its made in indonesia, its pretty surely plywood,

and if its made in japan...you got a great axe