hey guys, my buddy just bought a new squire pack..
now he's well aware it's nothing special, it's his frist guitar.

but when he brought it home, i played it, and there is a real bad string buzz on the low E, but only at the fifth fret.. (6th and 7th sound normal, as does everywhere else.) i dunno what the problm could be.. everything else sounds fine (as good as a squire can sound ) just that one note, it's quite bad.

he's probably gonna take it back and get them to screw with it, but i was just wondering if it might be something simple (and could save a trip in to town) i could try to fix for him.

thanks for any help (heading there soon, so hopefully someones on now and could help
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It sounds like an intonation problem, bring it to a tech and get it setup or tell them theres an intonation error, they should fix it for you.

If you're lucky by moving the saddle it'll correct itself.
that's not intonation. it's a high fret. and like said, a tiny allen wrench turns the two pegs on the front of that saddle, to raise the saddle and the string up a little.

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