Seriously rocking solo. Pity about one false chord

PS. Im the Drummer!
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it's not too bad but one thing, do you not own a distortion pedal?
also the bass isn't loud enough.
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Well I have a distortion pedal that came with my amp, but it seriously sucked that night, it only worked like twice...
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a little bit fast- slow down a bit lol
maybe get your chords in the chorus a bit smoother- vocals are pretty good apart from on the higher notes.

Haha just sounds like you went a bit mad on the solo- sounds good though, apart from i think a little off note in the fast bit that runs through 4:13.
all in all not bad, but definitly room for improvment
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it was a little fast and there was some minor chords screwups but not bad. id get a better camera though.
wasnt too fond of the singing, the drummer was awesome (to me), the guitar was off in some bits, i found that the tone for the intro and verses could be better, the solo was cool (was that tapping in a Frusciante solo? ) but the tone/treble was too high, and yeah, you really need a proper distortion pedal. did the lead guitarist step on distortion instead of phaser at the start of the interlude with the high singing?
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vocals are pretty good, he should practice singing it when playing it a little more, the singer seems to be concentrating on playing more than singing, so the vocals are good but if the singer practice a tiny bit more it would be perfect, other than that good, a little fast but its still good.
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Im not going to lie, i didnt think it was too good. The guitars were too loud and the tone wasnt very good at all (im not sure how much of it was due to the recording quality). The solo was nicely improvised though i thought. I believe the last chord in the chorus is supposed to be a D and someone totally blew it along with some chords missed at misc parts. I didnt think the signing fit the song very well.
The main problem with the volume and tone was that the person who was recording this, sat too close to the speakers and a bit at the edge of the audience. If he would've been in the middle of the audience, the sound quality would be waaay better.
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You sir are a dick!
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And then again, Wildthang, "You're probably NOT one of them clean Socialists, either"

Taking ages to load, I think its my internet, it seems the only things I don't like is the guitar tone and the song seems a little out of time.
I think that song would sound better with single coils tbh
Thought the vocals were good apart from the chorus
man..... Honestly now, I want a serious answer for this....

WTF is going on with the solo? C'mon, bad timing, and please dont try and improv a John Fruciante solo like he does, only he and few others can pull it off, and TAPPIN!????!!! WHAT THE!!!! Solo was poor dude...

Over all song, just okay..
For some reason, all the covers I've seen of this, people play it way too fast... it's a slow song.

Plus that wrong chord really messed up the chorus... you threw the singer off completely.