My friend really likes the band Gaelic Storm.
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I'm by no means a metal guy, but Finntroll is a folk/metal band that I've always found pretty amusing. "Trollhammaren" is the most Celtic sounding song of their's I've heard.
Dubliners, Wolfe Tones, Éire Óg, The Irish Descendants and Bog savages.

Theres loads of it around.
can go wrong with the pouges
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Well, considering the Dubliners have been mentioned, I will have to say The Fureys and Davey Arthur. They're absolutely great, and they play some really good stuff. I LOVE Irish folk, but it seems not a lot of other people do unfortunately
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what are the best dropick muphey songs
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ill flame as much as i damn well please

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Check out some of Van Morrison's more Celtic influenced works. Also check out Horslips who preform a good fusion of rock and Celtic music. Good band.
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can someone recomend me some celtic folk that's mostly instrumental (it doesn't have to be entirely...but mostly would be nice)

need some inspiration.

and also, just plain celtic folk if possible...no rock fusion or anything.

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yo pistols, the chieftans do a lot of instumental stuff, trad. as you can get too, the irish rovers are good too, for straight trad. stuff

oh and Flogging Molly, you just can't beat, fusion rock:young dubliners,

oh and the clancy brothers are good for trad. acoustic folk

edit: oh and my band does irish songs, infact, we want to be an irish rock band!