How many fellow jazz lovers know Count Basie? I personally think he was second only to Duke Ellington. His song "April In Paris" was brilliant, and the solo on there that has the reference to pop goes the weasel is awesome. The rhythm section in his orchestra was amazing, only a genious could put together something like that.

Long live the count,
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Well, Basie was just a great songwriter in and of itself. If you listen to any of his works, you can hear a distinct musical "signature" in his music, that just tells you "Hey, that's the Count!"

As far as "April in Paris" goes, you picked an interesting song to talk about. Yes, the thematic elements were pretty neat (the "Pop Goes the Weasel" motif), but looking even beyond that, it's cool how it wasn't all in one key. The trumpet player first plays the motif in Db (C#) major, then in the second measure, he transposes it to C major, then back up to Db.

Rhythm section-wise, yes, they were really tight and on the beat (like the sforzando hits on the afterbeats with the brass near the end). If you dig that kind of stuff, of course there's the king himself, Buddy Rich, and also the Gene Krupa Big Band and the Wynton Marsalis Quartet (for a little more modern times)

If you like Basie's songwriting, you may want to check out Glenn Miller (for people around that era). Of course, we all know that you love Duke, so that doesn't even need to be touched on. Also, check out guys like Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, and John Coltrane.

Hope this gives you some insight. Happy jazzing! (I TOTALLY made up a word)

lithuaniEDIT: Forgive me if I have bounced around from subject to subject and was hard to understand. I wrote this between orchestra rehearsals and was totally swamped.
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Great song writer. His piano style was so understated, and simple yet strong.
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