I apologize for my clutter of threads for the past few days, but i need desperate help.
I am wanting to build a talkbox like the Rocktron Banshee. By that, i mean that it can be plugged in between your guitar and amp in the effects chain instead of between your head and cabinet. To make this possible, I have to build in the talkbox both the horn driver and a mini amp. When switched on, the mini amp would be driving the horn driver and bringing the sound into your mouth through the tube. I have the horn driver, but I haven't built the mini amp yet. I am wondering what kind of amp i would have to build in the talkbox to produce sufficient results. would something like this be ok to drive the horn driver? I am not sure exactly how much power the amp would have to have, but i know that it doesn't have to be that much. Would that .5 watts be good, or would it have to be like 5 watts or a bit more? Can you point me out some small wattage tiny amp to put in the talkbox to drive the horn driver? I know how to wire the talkbox WITHOUT the internal amp, and I think i have a pretty decent idea of how i would have to wire the amp in the mix, but could someone maybe draw me a diagram? Using the diagram on the GGG site i linked you to earlier, there isnt a switch in the diagram to be turning off the amp, but in the diagram i am using for the actual talkbox without the amp there is a bypass switch to bypass the driver and turn it on. How would i have to wire the switch in the mix so that when the effect is on, the signal goes through the internal amp > to the horn driver and up to my mouth. In turn, when the circuit is off, the signal would be directed through the input jack through the bypass switch and straight to the output jack, true bypass style? Also, in the GGG diagram (that i linked earlier) there is a DC jack , a battery, and a status LED. How would i wire those so that the amp would be powered, and the status LED would show whether the effect is on or off? I think that i wouldn't have to do much to the DC jack/battery, but the LED, i would have to connect to the bypass switch. What kind of switch would i need? Is dpdt ok, or do i need a 3pdt? I'm not sure if i asked it earlier, but would the amp (being .5 watts) be enough to power the horn driver, or do i have to make a more powerful one?

A big thanks to the folks who helped at my other thread (Shredmeiser, the 0therside), that answered my question there. However this is another question, and i cant seem to be sure about the layouts...

a big if you read through all that, longest post for me ever.
Now, that i read through it, it sound confusing, but ask me if something (or more) isn't clear.

Help would be really much appreciated,
Oh come on, it cant be that confusing...? Even if you aren't sure, feel free to contribute.
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You could try waiting MORE than 20 minutes for an answer.

True that, I just am an impatient person by nature. Got any help though?