So I've been back and forth between the Taylor 310 and the Martin D-16 for about a month now and I think I've finally decided to go with the Martin (I can't let go of that Martin tone). However, I just stumbled upon some reviews of the Martin GC-MMV and people have some pretty good things to say about them. Anyone here own one or have any experience with or knowledge of them? Only thing I'm not sure about is the rosewood back and sides. I think I might prefer the mahogany. I'll probably head over to GC soon to test one out soon.
if this is the guitar i'm thinking it is, then i've played two before. i was really impressed with the guitar overall. i think the price was $899 for one with a satin finish and $999 for the gloss finish... it looks like the price on these may have gone up recently though. i believe these guitars are made by martin strictly for guitar center. anyway, i thought the guitars both sounded really really great and had ample features for their price range. whether or not you prefer mahogany or rosewood is all up to you. you've just gotta get to guitar center and play guitars with each and let your ears decide!