Well recently i took a look burn it down by Avenged Sevenfold and looked at the intro, well i tried it but there was one bit that was a bit weird --

the ones on the 12 fret i circled i dont know if i should use my first 2 fingers to put it on( btw i tried it my fingers aree a bit too big =S) or barre it ah I cant find a solution please help me!
you can't bar this, it's 3 string sweep picking you need to play each note individually and release every other note while you play the one.
you should use your third and fourth fingers.
your, third for the g on third string and the fourth for the b on hte second string.

yeah its threee string arpeggios. tbh i dont sweep them though i 'economy pick' or whatever its called and i can actualy sweep.

oh and you can't kinda barre it but if you must use one finger then you have to roll that finger liek in sweep picking else bioth notes with ring together and it will sound horrible.. you have to make sure that only one string rings out at a time so you have to be hot with your muting and shit. tis lush when you cans play it.
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