i never been to a guitar store because i live in the middle of no where. The music store is like 150 miles away but i have had an ibanez thats is worth like 150 for that and the amp it came with. i have and this for like 5 years. and this past x-mas i got a marshall amp and now in need a good guitar to go with it. my budget isnt that much but i have 3 guitars in mind and i need some help. i am shying away from the 3 pickups b/c that looks hard. i play grunge and sabbath type metal so i need a good clean and good distrotion

Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Epiphone G-400 Custom

Gibson SG Special Faded 3 Pickup

no matter what, a gibson is better than an epiphone, but 3 pickups is just dumb
ESP man. Les Pauls and SG's have really REALLY tempermental necks, which means you'l lbe adjusting the truss rod and intonation very frequently. ESP makes good guitars that you can get for around 500. If you dig a Les Paul tone, look into an Ibanez S with a mahogany body. My S2120 rips and sounds (sounded, rather.. i pulled the pickup and put in a DiMarzio Evolution..) close to a paul.
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to all those who recommend ESP stfu! TS whats your budget? if you really want that sabbath sound it wouldn't hurt to use the Epi G-400