To be honest i couldn't tell too much the difference between you and the backing track. Although i didn't hear the triplets on the verse riff (galloping part) and you didn't play the bridge part (just before the solo), but that's alright. It seems like you did a good job, but can crit too much cause the reason i stated earlier.
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I think its awsome to see a girl playing Metallica. It seems nowadays all girls your age are listening to Justin Timberlake and shit like that. Anyways good job, and work on that solo!
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it took me a few seconds to realize you really were playing the song, it was crisp and dead on. cheers to anybody who can play anything off of master of puppets all the way through.
bee yatch
Hmm I find it funny how people said they can't hear you. Your tone is a bit hurty on the ears. Other than that, well played. Not one of my favourites.
I give you a 7/10
crit me?
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Thanks for the comments!

I know my guitar is abit hard to hear but around 1:25 I stop playing for a few seconds (little mistake ) so there you can here the difference between the tone from my guitar and the original. I couldn't find a backingtrack so used the original song .

Anyways about the triplets in the verse riff, well I did play a triplet, right after the slide but it somehow isn't hearable which I think is very weird and yeah I actually had to do another triplet a few notes later but it is just abit too hard for me now.

Pretty good, work on those triplets and that solo though.
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Thanks alot

@ Chrisatgrace, I know the drums etc. is hard to hear but I figured it would be better to turn my guitar up a bit more otherwise it would even be more harder to hear and it's about my guitar isn't it?
You're a great rhythm guitarist, that's for sure. Pretty much anything off MoP has tough rhythm parts to play, and you had this one down. Too bad there was no solo or anything. I'd like to have seen you play the other guitar part on the "We chew and spit you out" part... it's just sooooo much cooler than a couple power chords every 2 measures, you know?
If I were critting the rhythm part alone, I'd give it a 9/10. Overall, though, I think it really only deserves an 8/10. If you could somehow learn that solo, though... well... I'd probably pee myself.
It was pretty good, though!
well, distorted guitar sounds lame without drums right? in my view its about the whole peice of music./
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Hehe thanks, and yeah I didn't play the bridge part because I kept screwing it up so I figured it would be best to just play the powerchords instead...

And haha yeah I would love to play the solo, wish I could.. Maybe in a few years
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btw you never listened to my new song.

Sorry I was kind of busy and honestly forgot about it, but I gave some crit now
Well some people said it was too loud, others said it was too silent.. I guess the sound variates due the quality of soundboxes and stuff.. It sound allright with mine