So I've been 'trying' to learn how to improvise while playing guitar. You know, like solo's and what not. And I was wondering if anybody knew of any cool websites that could give some ideas/info on ways to improv... If so please list them.
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I don't know about any web pages, but if you know the key of the song, you can find the scale and use that. Maybe if you google search a site that has a list of scales, you could use that. But yeah, its just in the scales. a song in C major will call for a Cmajor scale, no flats or sharps. Stuff like that.
no one can teach you how to efficiently improvise but yourself. it is not a step-by-step process. learn your scales. judging by your icon i would go with simple minor pentatonic or the blues scale. for heavier stuff go with minor or harmonic minor. record your rhythms. play over them using the scale in which the rhythm is contained.
Here is a cool scale and chord website,

And what I highly recommend you to do is ever learn the seven modes of the major scale (ionian, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian and locrian) then learn how to use them,I'e what chords they go over, then create your own licks out of those scales,

or just lean the pentatonic minor and major scales they fit over pretty much any chords anywayz.

Have Fun.

BTW, with the pentatonics along as you play within the pentatonics notes and play in the key of the songs they would be a good starting point as many muscicians use them anyway,such as Slash and Hendrix
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It is good to learn the scales and what not, but what also helped me was learning other solos first. When I learned other solos and saw finger patterns that bands did in their solos, it reflected back on me and I picked up similar finger patterns.
Melodic Control. Its a great video by Marty Friedman, and I am quite convinced that it is the best thing in the world. Even better than Vibrato. Watch it learn it and love it (Google Video).
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