Anyone out there own the Crate FXT120 combo amp? Ive been looking at one but im not trying to pay 300 dollars for a crappy amp, So is it a good amp? I play loads of metal, classic rock and blues. If it sucks what amps are better in that price range? Such as the Line 6 Spider III 75, or the Behringer V-tone GMX212? I need a good solid state amp for small to medium size gigs.
I have a Crate RFX 120 and it's pretty nice with my ibanez through it. My old guitarist Kris had the FXT, his sounded probably better than mine at the time, but I was playing with a piece of shit telecaster copy my friend loaned me because my strat broke. I would definately recommend the Vox Valvetronix series, :Link: my guitarist has this, it's only 50 watts, but for $350 it's an amazing deal, it's a tube hybrid, and sounds like a real tube amp. It's very loud too, probably just as loud as my Crate RFX120 if not louder. This thing can hold it's own, and it's good for all genres, it has like 11 amp models.