Knights of Cydonia? Muse? awsome riff isnt it?. Wind the clock back some 45 years to the early 60's when music was finding its feet in terms of recording techniques with the introduction of 4 track recording and editing and snythensiser units.

Now, the older version of the song, slight differnt tempo and key. "Telstar" by The Tornados. The first USA no.1 to come from a UK band. The song, originally written by Joe Meek (a homo sexual producer recording songs in his flat in west london, who funnily enough murded his landlady before killing himself moments later)


EDIT: the song was actually written, or composed infact with images of the US sattalite "Telstar" being launched, it was sort of a landmark piece of music reflecting the technology at the time, like computers!

Now that is an awsome song, the beggining you get the image of crikets chirping in the nevada desert with a countdown building up to the main riff. Awsome stuff. It's a real "visual" piece of music, as it really sets a picture in your mind, not just some whiney emo moaning in a croaky voice with an acoustic guitar.

Heres the funny part I never knew, The rhythm guitarist from the Tornados (George Bellamy) is actually Matt Belllamys father .

When I put 2 and 2 together, I realised how much this Knights of Cydonia had borrowed from this song. It almost seems that Matt was making a small tribute to his father and the writing skills of the late great Joe Meek. My respect for Matt has increased alot.

Do you know of any music that has been influenced greatly by the work before them, this is just one example, but id like to hear more. Share what you know

Just give it a listen and see what you think. If you don't have anything useful to contribute, then don't.

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cool.... thank you for showing me that, although i don't see how i'll every use it, but fun to know