Ok, so i just recently (within the last week) got a new Jackson guitar. I came with the Floyd rose system and i was happy as hell because i have been wanting one to do squeals and other stuff for a long time. I played it for a couple days and hit a problem, i went to play a chord and i realized that when ever i hit the first or second fret mainly on the B and e string i would get a buzz, almost a dead note. I have no idea how to fix this i brought it to the store and they said that i have to make sure that i am using all the same gauge strings and that the Floyd rose system is lined up right, i checked both of those and that doesn't seem to be the problem, can anybody help me?
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maybe its your fretting hand strength, on the first and second frets especially on a jackson you have to press damn hard
TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL (Luthier), and tell them the problem. If it is a fault in workmanship by Jackson (which it sounds like), then it falls under warranty and Jackson pays...if it isn't, tell them that you don't want them to fix it and you are down 0 dollars and know what the problem is.
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Tell THEM to check it and fix it. It's their job.

agreed its up to the shop to get it sorted
Since when were you a professional Luthier? They sold it, they fix it, or else return the thing and get one that works properly. Gogo store credit!