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Are there any of your out there who are big fans of Frank Zappa's work? I'm always looking for new/new old music and the songs I've heard from Zappa are pretty sweet. I've also heard that his guitar parts were rather complex, featuring some unique chord progressions and style, which makes me even more interested as my personal guitar playing has had a very progressive feel recently.

I've heard a few songs that I really like, but they've all been covers. Seeing as how I like the music though I figured I would ask to see if any fans can make some recommendations about where to start seeing he has albums dating back to the 60s. Also I prefer not to buy best of collections so please don't suggest that. Its just a personal preference as I like to see what the band initially released, not just a collection of the singles or whatever.

Anyone want to give me a few albums to start with? I'm thinking We're Only in it For the Money is a must seeing that is the major album I'm aware of as being a classic, but still what is everyone's opinion?

Thanks, I've been interested in his music for a while and thought I'd finally take the plunge
Well WOIIFTM is my least favorite Zappa album, i'm not a fan of his complete nonsence albums, but his musicla humerous albums are genious.

for a beginner i would reccomend Apostrophe and Overnite Sensation (theres also a cd which has both those albums on one disk, you should check that out). also, i would check out some live stuff, like any of the "You Cant Do That On Stange Anymore" disks, along with Zappa in New York.

also theres a thread already devoted to Zappa, i would go there for any further questions.
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Hot Rats is possibly his best known album, at least without the Mothers of Invention. Its badass though, i love it.
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Check it out
Use the Recommendation Thread or the large Zappa thread we have here.


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