this side of things are
ripe to pick
the other
we've already seen
its already been
wilted, weathered

this isn't you getting up
this is you getting over
yourself, distraught
dissonance in decay
the resonance delayed
until you've been taught
and all the noise
ripped away

how long its been
since silence was a friend
and in our backs
how deep its been driven
that blade that just says
"feel me, not him"
mixed blood on the steel
in the absence of sirens

too many mistakes
black sky but no stars to wish on
i used them all up
made an insition in
the fabric of my future
removed the part where
i finally quit
that which is there
too far to feel

my life flies by
as i wonder in realtime
where are the open doors?

although a few steps away in eternity
i have today to change me
save me
We're only strays.
This is good. You have a good idea going throughout the entire thing and don't stray from the message very much which I think is good. I've got nothing to say about the first stanza except that it is good. The second one, same thing, good rhyme scheme, good use of words. For the third stanza, after you say "driven," I would at "in" on the end there. To me it just sounds better but it's up to you. The fourth stanza is my favourite. Great use of imagery, wouldn't change a thing. And the endings fit well too, just a small piece as a bit of an outro. Nice job man.
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