Poll: Best Incubus album?
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Fungus Amongus
0 0%
3 20%
Make Yourself
7 47%
Morning View
2 13%
A Crow Left Of The Murder
2 13%
Light Grenades
1 7%
Voters: 15.
I just bought Light Grenades, it was the first Incubus album i bought, I had never really listened to Incubus before that, and now they're one of my fav bands. So I was wondering which Incubus album would you guys recommend purchasing next and which are your favorite albums?
definitely "make yourself"
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SCIENCE and Make Yourself, no doubt.

If you think Light Grenades is good, you're in for a treat.
i personally love Morning View, but i've never heard science and make yourself, but from what i've heard make yourself is their best.
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Make Yourself, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., then buy the rest of them in any order you wish.
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Incubus's old bass player is one of the best I've heard. A lot of their old stuff, as well as their acoustic stuff (which you may have to get illegally... like Anna Molly Acoustic) is fantastic.

If you like Light Grenades, you'll like anything by them except perhaps their first CD.
^ Meh, I thought Megalomaniac sucked just as much as the rest of the album.
Deftnitley Morning View or S.C.I.E.N.C.E. but Make Yourself is right up there with stand out tracks like I Miss You and Pardon Me.

ACLOTM kinda sucked but Light Gernades is a step in the right direction I guess...

And course their early shit rules.
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