I have had the same Wah pedal for very long time. It still works great. and normaly wouldnt want to replace it. But as some of you know, I was born with a walking problem. Over the years my legs have gotten weaker, and sometimes takes more effort to do even simple things. Anyway, I know they now make Wahs that work more like other effects. I guess pre-set, or auto. I dont know anyone personaly that has used one. Was hoping maybe i could find someone on here that has. I do realize they want be the same as a regular Wah. But i know eventually i will be forced to improvise. Would be greatful for anyones input, or advice.
Thank You
I've heard about the autowah from Boss I think and saw a vid on youtube.
I also have the effect built into my amp, as you said it's not much like a real wah pedal, however it's a neat effect on its own, I remember them saying the wah changed with your playing intensity and such. I don't use it much but it's cool to have.

Edit: Here watch this.

I found them to be a bit "quacky" which I didn't like.
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Take a look at the Ibanez Weeping demon it a fully adjustable pedal which allows you to set the sweep range, have spring back as well as autowah.
Thank You. Ill try them both out. Ive been to the local Guitar Center so much, Most there know me good. They great about letting me try out there latest toys. They should though! All the money I have spent there over the years! Anyway, Thank you for your response and advice.