I recently invested in a Yamaha Compass Acoustic/Electric guitar and it sounds beautiful as an acoustic. When I plug it into my Fender Princeton Chorus amp, it will only go through the amp for the duration in which the tuner is on. Does anyone know why this happens? All I have to do is press the tuner button, and the amp pops and starts to receive the signal, but right when it automatically turns off, I lose all electric control and it goes straight acoustic. The volume toggle doesn't do anything.

Thanks in advance,

I didn't ask you to restate the brand of guitar. I understand your loyalty to brands. Can anyone offer any USEFUL insight into how to get the guitar to work properly or is this a defect?
Leave the tuner on? Tape the button down? I'd bring it into a music store and show some professionals. It probably is some weird defect in wiring.
Turner does an auto shutoff. It's weird, I find, because when I played it in store it never cut out for the 2 hours that I was in there noodling on that one guitar. Eventually they literally kicked me out with a guitar after they knocked $200 off their price (which was ridiculously below list (MSRP) price).