I had some questions about guitar playing. When I double pick the higher strings, I rest my hand/wrist of the higher strings, and I pick faster. Is that bad technique? Do I have to be able to pick fast with my hand hovering?
its probobly better to incase you need to let those dtrings ring but if you need to play that fast probs not
generally i think it's "better" technique to hover, as you put it. i mean, sometimes you will have to rest it on there if you want to palm mute the lower strings, or to remove some extraneous noise.

but, as far as a base, general technique, i think hovering is the best way to go. less chance of injuring yourself too (trust me, i've done it).

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it's a bad habit, your hand shouldn't be touching any strings, it should be floating above them. you can pick fast the way you do it but youw ill always be able to go faster without any contact.
so stop doing it now so you don't have a horrible time relearning to play later.
I do it also, and it hasn't really hindered my playing at all.

EDIT: I'm not saying it can't hinder your playing, because I'm sure it can in some cases. I don't do it alot mind you, but I do sometimes.
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The problem with it is basically this: if you do it while you're still learning to pick well,
you tend to wind up using the contact as a stabilizer for your hand. That in turn will
mostly bypass learning stability with arm control. When you don't have arm control
most fast and demanding picking will give you a lot of trouble.

Once you've learned the arm control, it doesn't matter as much if you touch the
strings or guitar or not.

Also, don't confuse muting with anchoring for stability. Muting is a necessary technique,
stability anchoring is not.