can anybody tell me what body mods i'd have to do on a guitar to get a toggle switch on the horn like in morrelo's arm the homeless


K... Route a section for the toggle switch. Then route a section were you can feed the wires through. I'm sure you knew all that already though. The only down side to the mod is your going to have to use a pickguard with it to cover up your routes. The only other way to do it, is through the back of the guitar. But you wouldn't be able to ever cover up your cuts. Tom's guitar is specially made for that purpose though. Those routes were most likely done within the build phase.

Again I'm sure you already knew all that. I'm afraid unless your willing to sacrifice your guitar for a good size project, you would have to build from scratch.
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is there anyway i can make like a secondary control box, to house the toggle switch cover that with a panel, then tunnel a way to get the wires from the toggle swith to the main control box....or am is that unrealistic wish ful thinking
Ummm, yes and no.

If you have the tools (and the knowledge) then you could. But, those type of drills are really expensive, I mean really expensive.

haha, you could cut your guitar in half, (meaning through the thickness of it, not the width) then route all you want on the inside half. Then just glue it back together/repaint. Although, it's way easier said then done.

^ Don't do that. I'm just rambling.
It's a pretty easy thing to do. I took the ghetto route and used a hand drill instead of a router. My "routes" are about 5 mm deep, and 10mm wide. There needs to be a hole drilled for the toggle switch which should be about 2 cm in diametre and 2 or 3 cms deep.
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Will_Minus, do you think you can send me some pics of what your talking about, i can't quite get a visual picture of what your saying...and did you have to do any body work like repainting when you were finished?
If its under a pickguard then you shouldnt have to repaint anything. Its most likely just routed under the pickguard, thats the only way it would be practical.

try this....

wire the two wires for the kill switch to the volume

then run it through the pickup cavities towards the neck

then it'll be less area you have to gouge out.

no man...no pick guard i have an esp kh-202
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Oh, then I dont know what to tell you. You wouldnt be able to get it in that position. Try putting it somewhere else. Post pix of your guitar and we can work out somewhere else to put it.