My band is looking to release our first CD, we have a program called ACID music studio. If that doesnt record, what are some-under 70 dollar programs i can try?

Thanks in advance!
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in order to record through the computer you're practically required to get a preamp or certain type of sound card that accepts connections to microphones, drum machines, etc

i use something called atoneport UX2 which is a direct interface for microphones/lines

though it costs 200$ there is a 100$ cheaper version of it, and ive managed to get alot of good recordings out of it

but dont take my word for it, wait for other replies

ACID is a good program, its just you need hardware to make the recording possible

Thanks a ton.
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well you gotta have a mac (of course) but if you do, GarageBand is about the greatest recording program i've used. it's so professional soudnign and easy to use plus i learn stuff like every day. but... if you don't have a mac then you can't use it, which is lame...

anyway i bet thers tons more for pc's so just waut for ppl to reply dude
Set up is; Mic ---> Preamp output (1/4" mono) ----> (1/8" mono)Computer, and sound will only come through left speaker or headphone, no stereo sound, even when recording or during playback, someone suggest solution?

You are looking to RELEASE a CD, as in sell to the public? And you want to record it yourself going into the computer, into software that is under 70.00?? Sounds a little far fetched to me.
You are not going to be able to sell anything with $70 just for software. Well unless you have REALLY generous friends. Also, read the FAQ that is stickied near the top of the page.
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ok thread starter ur an idiot cause u can record with acid pro. unless u have like version 2.1, i had version 5 and thats from like 2000 and u can still record with it.

Dude he never said that it was impossible to record with ACID, he said if he couldn't record with it what could he use
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aight thread starter i apoligize for my idioticness. but yea u can record with acid and if u dont wanna do that use reaper its great. acid is better i think, ps what version do u have?
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