well i think this is right place to put this...sorry if not.....but i need every1's help....my band is 18th place and every vote counts....top 20 bands get looked by judges for a record deal with virgin records...and also a track for the upcoming burnout game.....#1 gets a bunch of equipment!!!

contest ends SOON please any rank will help me out....its the first time i've ever had a chance....(to rank must be logged into a myspace account)

Click here to rank MY BAND!!!

thats the link....im so sorry if its wrong thread....sum1 tell me where to put it if it is....

and i kno recording is a rough draft...the singer never knew wat he was doin lol...but n/e wayz....
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Okay. To be honest The music was just all-right. Get singing and guitar better. I marked you a3 on 5. Or was it on ten? Crap. and I clicked 2 by accident. Sorry.
Good luck with it bro. Be sure to continue using UG if ya'll make it
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Hey man, you guys are kick ass. I gave you a 10 Hope you make it, I'll be searching for the cd.